Sweden Plans to Build A Hairy Skyscraper (Also Known as Strawscraper)

June 18th, 2013 Posted in Skyscraper
Skyscraper Will Generate Electricity From Its Hairlike Straws

Photo Credit:: Belatchew Arkitekter

Skyscraper Will Generate Electricity From Its Hairlike Straws

A Swedish architecture firm Belatchew Arkitekter came up with an out-of-the-box, eco-friendly plan to generate electricity from a skyscraper. The plan calls to add a 16-storey extension to the Söder Torn tower, which is located on Södermalm in Stockholm. This additional extension will work as an urban wind farm.

So, how will this work? The building facade will be covered by plastic straws (made of flexible polymers) that look like hair and will move with the wind. Piezoelectric technology will be used to convert movement of these straws into electricity.

Using this simple technique, any building can be converted into an energy-generating powerhouse. The other benefits of this future technology are that it will not cause heavy noise or other environmental problems that are usually associated with a typical wind turbine.

There are other aesthetic purposes can be served with hairy straws. For example, the straws can be lit up at night to give it an appearance of rippling waves, changing colors, or other patterns. Also, it can produce something like a light show on its own.

Belatchew Arkitekter also wishes to use the hairy skyscraper as a tourist attraction. There are plans to build a restaurant on the top floor where visitors will be able to enjoy a city view looking out between the straws.

If Strawscraper project becomes successful, this can be the blueprint to build future cities that will be generate their own energy using their own eco-friendly renewable energy sources.

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