Billionaires Love Global Real Estate

March 30th, 2014 Posted in Global Real Estate

Global Billionaires Hold One Fifth in Real Estate
Global Billionaires Hold One Fifth in Real Estate

Global real estate markets are increasingly becoming the playground of billionaires and private property transactions starting at at least $10 million dollars have tripled since 2009 – a recent report published by Savills and Wealth-X points out. Here are some highlights from the report –

– The ultra rich hold 20 percent of their wealth in residential real estate.

– The total value of world’s real estate is around US$180 trillion.

– 72 percent of total real estate is residential property occupied by owners and global billionaires hold about 3 percent.

– European and Asian billionaires hold 80 percent property by value.

– European billionaires hold 31 percent wealth in real estate. Asian billionaires hold 27 percent in real estate. And Middle East billionaires hold 26 percent in real estate.

– North American billionaires hold only 7 percent wealth in real estate.

– Europe is the home of the most international and largest real estate and attracts the most global investments.

– Global billionaires population expected to increase 22 percent by 2018.

– Combined wealth for the ultra rich is expected to rise close to US$36 trillion by 2018 from US$27.8 trillion at current.

– There are about 200,000 ultra rich in the world. These are ultra high net-worth (UHNW) individuals with more than $30 million in investable assets across the globe.

Wealth-X is a Singapore-based company that provides intelligence on the ultra rich. To view the full report, visit Wealth-X website.

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