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Real Estate Expedition About Page

Award-Winning financial author A. Dawn is known for his excellent knowledge of financial matters and his ability to break down complex subjects in simple terms. His personal finance site A Dawn Journal attracts thousands of visitors daily from across the globe. On Real Estate Expedition, you will find his take on global real estate. It will focus on real estate and all that that entails – how to buy, where to buy, as well as interesting facts and figures. In keeping with the title, this blog will treat the world of real estate as something to be explored, discovered and appreciated, and help the reader pick out potential areas of interest.

The author is a City University of New York graduate in Economics and currently works as a Data Integrity Analyst for one of Canada’s major wealth management corporations. He has created this website in order to illuminate the often cloudy subject of real estate. He currently lives in the fine city of Toronto.

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