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China’s Global Real Estate Appetite

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Chinese Investors Step Up Global Real Estate Shopping

Chinese Investors Step Up Global Real Estate Shopping

Chinese appetite for global real estate property is on an upward bound. In the first half of 2104, global property investment reached $5.4 billion or 17 percent, according to real estate firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).

As real estate outlook in China loses optimism due to tight financing and oversupply, investors in China are exploring real estate beyond their borders.

Although commercial real estate grabbed the greater chunk ($4 billion) of the $5.4 billion spent in the first half 2014, the growth has skyrocketed in residential real estate from 2013 – 84 percent higher at $1.5 billion.

London ranked number one for Chinese investors with a $2.3 billion spending, according to JLL. Other popular cities are San Francisco, Chicago, Sydney, and Madrid.

On retail investments, Chinese home buyers are grabbing homes in these hot real estate market countries: USA, Australia, Canada, and UK., according to real estate portal Juwai.com.

Also, as some southern European countries such as Spain, Portugal, Cyprus have introduced the Golden Visa program where home buyers are qualified for residency with a minimum qualified amount spent on a home purchase.

Spain is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese retirees, with its pleasant climate and attractive healthcare system.

Some other hot favourite countries for Chinese investors are Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia. Although Thailand has been a Chinese investors’ hot favourite for long time, Malaysia is the new kid on the block and moving up on the list.

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Top 12 Global Real Estate Cities

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Global Real Estate Rising Star Cities

Global Real Estate Rising Star Cities

A recent report, jointly published by the leading interior design house Candy & Candy, the Savills, and Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, identified 12 cities across the globe that can have residential real estate value skyrocket in the next few years. Here are the top 12 cities according to the Candy GPS Report. The $ value shows the cost of a two-bedroom apartment in not-so-expensive areas in those cities.

Tel Aviv – $500,000

Melbourne – $320,000

Miami – $275,000

Chicago – $250,000

Dublin – $210,000

Panama City – $200,000

Beirut – $180,000

Istanbul – $125,000

Cape Town – $110,000

Jakarta – $90,000

Lagos – $70,000

Chennai – $40,000

Some highlights from the report –

– Cities like Chennai, Panama, and Tel Aviv can have strong growth potential cities like New York, London, Hong Kong, etc.

– Poor fixed-income markets and equity performance are driving the growth towards real estate markets across the globe.

– Residential real estate properties continue to be the investment of choice for the ultra rich.

– Characteristics that make cities hot spots for real estate investors include presence of new tech industries, English language spoken, proximity to green spaces or water, and so on.

– African cities like Cape Town and Logos are among those rising global real estate cities to show strong growth potential as alternate locations.

– Chennai in India is the cheapest city among these 12 rising star cities.

To view the report, visit the Candy & Candy website.

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Billionaires Love Global Real Estate

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Global Billionaires Hold One Fifth in Real Estate
Global Billionaires Hold One Fifth in Real Estate

Global real estate markets are increasingly becoming the playground of billionaires and private property transactions starting at at least $10 million dollars have tripled since 2009 – a recent report published by Savills and Wealth-X points out. Here are some highlights from the report –

– The ultra rich hold 20 percent of their wealth in residential real estate.

– The total value of world’s real estate is around US$180 trillion.

– 72 percent of total real estate is residential property occupied by owners and global billionaires hold about 3 percent.

– European and Asian billionaires hold 80 percent property by value.

– European billionaires hold 31 percent wealth in real estate. Asian billionaires hold 27 percent in real estate. And Middle East billionaires hold 26 percent in real estate.

– North American billionaires hold only 7 percent wealth in real estate.

– Europe is the home of the most international and largest real estate and attracts the most global investments.

– Global billionaires population expected to increase 22 percent by 2018.

– Combined wealth for the ultra rich is expected to rise close to US$36 trillion by 2018 from US$27.8 trillion at current.

– There are about 200,000 ultra rich in the world. These are ultra high net-worth (UHNW) individuals with more than $30 million in investable assets across the globe.

Wealth-X is a Singapore-based company that provides intelligence on the ultra rich. To view the full report, visit Wealth-X website.

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Singapore Real Estate Demand May Fall

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Singapore Real Estate Declines

Singapore Real Estate Declines

Global accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers mentions in a recent report that Singapore real estate demand is to fall in 2014. According to the Emerging Trends in Real Estate Asia Pacific forecast report, Singapore slipped four places in 2014 ranking.

Singapore is considered one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world. The decline was due to oversupply fears in some parts of the market. Small-office space has shown increased demand, but strata office space sales declined after first six months of strong demand in 2013.

The top five property markets are Tokyo, Shanghai, Jakarta, Manila, and Sydney in 2014, as PWC mentions. Interests in real estate markets in places like Jakarta and Manila are going up due to expectations for higher interest rates in the future, as higher interest rates would provide unmatched returns versus anywhere else.

The Manila real estate market is likely to go up in the future, as its fast growing economy and increased transparency and eased government red tapes are attracting multinationals and as well as Filipino citizens working abroad.

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Dubai Launches Real Time Property Index

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Dubai Launches Real Time Property Index

Dubai Real Time Property Index

Dubai has launched a real-time property price guide index for the first time. This new index is a joint venture between Arabian Business and Better Homes.

The Dubai Real Time Property Index will cover the region’s key areas such as downtown Dubai, Dubai Marina , Dubai Investment Park, The Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Lake Towers, and Jumeriah Village circle, and The Greens.

This property index will show both sales and rentals real time transactions. Also, the latest prices with the monthly changes will be shown for the above-mentioned areas.

The Dubai Property Index looks at moving average median prices listed with Better Homes to make its index. Some inconsistent data that are extreme were ignored to stabilize short-term fluctuations in order to main its long-term realistic trends. Click here to view the index: The Dubai Property Index.

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Real Estate in Mongolia

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Mongolia Real Estate

Mongolia Real Estate

Mongolia is the world’s most sparsely populated country with an area of approximately 604,000 square miles – making it the 19th largest country on earth. Mongolia’s emerging economy is highly correlated to its over US$1.3 trillion resource sector and it’s no wonder the real estate sector is tied to its recourse wealth.

The property market has experienced rapid development and price appreciation in Mongolia in the past few years. Property prices reached their lowest point in the early ’90s. However, a continuous 20 to 30 percent appreciation every year rewarded investors who participated since its lowest point. The property boom has occurred especially in large cities like the capital, Ulaanbaatar. However, some other cities such as Dalanzadgad, Sainshand, and Khan-Bogd have shown strong growth, as these cities are close to mining factories that attract residents from all across Mongolia.

Mongolia has no restrictions for foreign investors buying residential property. There is no requirement for physical presence; however, a valid passport is required. It is advisable to contact a real estate firm familiar with foreign investors in Mongolia to ease the buying process.

Rapid price appreciation in the real estate market in Mongolia is mainly caused by heavy demand but lower supply. High demand is caused by several factors, but an increasing influx of foreign investment and the middle class becoming financially stable enough to buy are considered most important.

No rewards come without risks and the real estate market in Mongolia has its own challenges. Investors need to do their own research before making any decisions, as there may be lack of due diligence, transparency, and accountability in the real estate sector in Mongolia (like any other sectors in a developing country). And also, the unprecedented real estate boom in the real estate market in Mongolia may not last forever as real estate booms due to resource sector growth have turned into bubbles in other parts of the world in the past.

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London Home Prices Up Sharply

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London Drives Up UK Home Prices

London Drives Up UK Home Prices

Home prices are going up in UK. And London is the main cause that is driving up prices. A recent report published by Rightmove points out that prices are up for the seventh consecutive month and it will go up 4 percent in 2013, rather than 2 percent as previously thought.

All eleven regions in Britain showed price increases. However, according to property website Zoopla, three regions saw faster increases than London. For example, East Midlands (2.8%), Yorkshire and the Humber (2.78%), and Wales (2.72%) enjoyed increases that are bigger than London (2.71%).

This is the first time increases like this happened across the region since the 2008 financial meltdown. Various factors such as the ability to borrow more (Funding for Lending Program), Government assisted buying programs, increased buyers’ confidence, and increased foreign demand are some to mention.

An average home cost roughly £160,000 eight months ago in UK. An average home costs roughly £168,000 now.

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The New Mile-High Skyscraper

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The Billionaire Prince Says Mile-High Skyscraper Possible

The Billionaire Prince Says Mile-High Skyscraper Possible

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is looking into building the world’s tallest skyscraper and he wants major cities like Moscow, New York, London, Moscow, Shanghai, and regional cities in the Middle East to compete to host this tower by offering government support and tax breaks.

Currently, Burj Khalifa (2,717feet or 829 meters) in Dubai is the world’s tallest skyscraper and the Kingdom Tower (3,281 feet or 1000 meters) which is being built in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will be the tallest once completed in 2017. If completed, the one-mile high (1.6 kilometer) skyscraper will reach unprecedented height and will become the world’s tallest skyscraper by far.

As economic miracles continue with the robust economies in many Asian countries, with growing confidence many Asian companies are looking to build impossibly high skyscrapers (as it was thought in the past) within and beyond their borders.

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Sweden Plans to Build A Hairy Skyscraper

Sweden Plans to Build A Hairy Skyscraper (Also Known as Strawscraper)

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Skyscraper Will Generate Electricity From Its Hairlike Straws

Photo Credit:: Belatchew Arkitekter

Skyscraper Will Generate Electricity From Its Hairlike Straws

A Swedish architecture firm Belatchew Arkitekter came up with an out-of-the-box, eco-friendly plan to generate electricity from a skyscraper. The plan calls to add a 16-storey extension to the Söder Torn tower, which is located on Södermalm in Stockholm. This additional extension will work as an urban wind farm.

So, how will this work? The building facade will be covered by plastic straws (made of flexible polymers) that look like hair and will move with the wind. Piezoelectric technology will be used to convert movement of these straws into electricity.

Using this simple technique, any building can be converted into an energy-generating powerhouse. The other benefits of this future technology are that it will not cause heavy noise or other environmental problems that are usually associated with a typical wind turbine.

There are other aesthetic purposes can be served with hairy straws. For example, the straws can be lit up at night to give it an appearance of rippling waves, changing colors, or other patterns. Also, it can produce something like a light show on its own.

Belatchew Arkitekter also wishes to use the hairy skyscraper as a tourist attraction. There are plans to build a restaurant on the top floor where visitors will be able to enjoy a city view looking out between the straws.

If Strawscraper project becomes successful, this can be the blueprint to build future cities that will be generate their own energy using their own eco-friendly renewable energy sources.

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